The authors behind Switchcraft are hereby formally presented below:


Eirik and some of our classmates from the university

eirik Haustveit

Ridiculously interested in anything that features an electric component inside of it and exhibits a special affection towards vintage electric appliances with 'high quality buttons and knobs', and the word novel.

He also has a radio amateur license, a skilled electrician license and a tendency to always delight his surroundings with surprising fun-facts.

Wholeheartedly committed to git, open software, Linux, rare beer brews and a ten year old cell phone. He is always thinking before talking and is rarely put out of place.

In total he has got nine years of education within the world of electrical engineering.

Yngve, minutes after submitting his master's thesis.

Yngve Solbakken

Started of as an electrician and wound up traveling between shipyards commissioning power system in offshore vessels while studying for a degree in electrical engineering in various hotel rooms across the world.

Has a license for jumping out of air planes, swimming under water and requires at least 49 compiling errors before getting any syntax correct. 

Committed to his mortgage, black coffee, Tarantino movies and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Rarely thinks before talking and is often put out of place.

(And he's only got eight years of theoretical electrical education).