This is our tipping jar

Simply because we feel that ads and non-profit information sharing should be kept apart.

We want you as a reader to be undisturbed and not analyzed for your cyber behavior by advertisers. And we definitely do not want to be suspected for bringing readers to this site for ad money.

We are enthusiasts who run this site because we love electrical engineering and really want to try to explain difficult topics in an intuitive way.

Paying a couple of hundred bucks for this site is therefore something we do because we feel it's worth it. 
Just like TED's slogan:

Ideas worth spreading”

But if you found this site particularly useful or it helped you understand something you struggled with and you want pitch in — this is your opportunity.

We are not begging, we never will. We don't need donations to afford bread on the table. We are OK. 

This is more like if you want to show us a gesture like “you did something good, here's some of my spare change”.

And for that, we are thankful.