Switchcraft consists of two electrical engineers and was founded in December 2016 in Norway: Eirik Haustveit and Yngve Solbakken.

We both graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) with a M.Sc in electric power engineering and a special focus power electronics, electrical machines and motor drives.

To keep us busy, we plan to launch a bunch of various pet projects within the world of electronic circuit design and micro controllers.

This site is created to both showcase these projects and present relevant theory, both for our own sake and for everyone else who is into this kind of stuff.


The purpose of this site is to share ideas, experiments and solutions related to power electronics and motor drives. 

Occasional other type of PCB-related electronics might also appear.

The site's two main features are the learning section and the project blog. 

The learning section will contain insightful articles, experiments and papers describing and testing a vast amount of topics within the world of power electronics, PCB design, motor drive and control theory. 

The motor drive project aims to document the design and development of a complete sensor less motor control system from scratch using SiC-based transistors and a custom programmed Xilinx Zync 7000 SoC with two ARM A9-processors and a FGPA.